Billing types

At Wally’s Speed Shop we bill on time and materials for most jobs. We get asked about estimates and billing all the time, and there is some confusion around this, but it is actually very simple. We have chosen to bill every two weeks using the actual time and materials required to complete the work …

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Buyer Beware!

So, you have a dream of owning a muscle car and plans to bring this dream to fruition, but you don’t know anything about cars other than what you like. You’ve read 10 hours of forum posts and joined every Facebook group that pertains to the car you are interested in, and you still don’t …

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Zero Point

At Wally’s Speed Shop we have a term that we established called a Zero Point. Zero Point (pronunciation)  (part of speech) Every car had its time when it was just another $500 car, and it was treated as such.  Here is a not-so-fictional story: It’s 1969 and a young man returning from a war in …

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