Full Car Restoration

Restoration comes in multiple forms. When you want your car to be nicer than when it was on the showroom floor, but be recognizable as exactly what it is, a full restoration is your best option. This process embraces making the entire vehicle and all the systems new or restored to factory specifications. 

Most customers choose a restomod restoration which involves upgrading to modern components and controls while maintaining a stock-like appearance. Examples of this would be an LS or Coyote engine swap with a modern transmission, large disc brakes, bigger wheels, and modified suspension. A custom restoration would be modifying the entire car and combining whatever components it takes to build your dream car no matter how wild they are.


While a lot of the projects we work on are complete car restorations, we specialize in the following repair and restoration services.


Most won’t think planning is a service. We beg to differ. The better the plan the better the results. Knowing your ideas, timeline and budget allows us to meet and exceed your expectations throughout the entire process. We can’t plan for everything, but we can lay out a plan that allows the process to be as transparent as possible.

Body Work & Fabrication

Sheet metal repair is inevitable when resurrecting cars from years of neglect. Rust is the cancer of the automotive world. Luckily, we have the cure. Skilled craftsman to mount aftermarket panels and modify them for proper fitment or building panels that do not exist in the aftermarket. Many levels of sheet metal repair exist, and we will work within your budget to repair your rust. Custom sheet metal work is also available and welcomed.


Mechanics with skills that range from the beginning of the automobile to modern day, we have you covered no matter what you need. Due to the wide variety of automobiles out there we prefer to be called “Mechanical Figure Outers.” There isn’t a manual for a lot of the combinations we have put together, but with some determination, brain storming and resources we can find a solution.  After major repairs are completed on your vehicle we will drive it at least 200 miles to guarantee the quality of the repair. We want failures to happen in our hands, not when you’re behind the wheel. If there is a failure we guarantee our repairs and back up all our work with a two year unlimited mile power train warranty. Drive it and drive it hard!


Custom paint comes in many shapes and forms, we can make your dreams come true and if we don’t have a specific skill in house, we will find it for your build. We have partnered with PPG to provide high quality paint materials to make your car look amazing for years to come. We have a 10-year guarantee on our paint jobs, that is not an industry standard, but a Wally’s Speed Shop standard and is backed by our partnership with PPG. The paint process is not cheap, but we can provide value at almost all realistic budget levels. Full paint job, paint repair and blend, panel paint, frames, wheels, accessories, whatever your paint needs are we can help.


“Do you guys do wiring?” We get this question all the time and we can proudly say, “Yes!” Not only do we do wiring, we do good wiring that is serviceable and won’t leave you stranded 5 years from now. We use high quality components that are proven to last. We solder almost every connection and where solder isn’t an option we use quality crimps and heat shrink all connections. If for some reason your wiring has an issue, we guarantee if for the life of your ownership. No problem, let us fix it. Poor wiring is an unfortunate weakness on a lot of car builds. For us it is a strength. Whether we are updating from 6 volt to 12, repairing your 6 volt positive ground pre-war hot rod, wiring your EFI conversion or building a custom harness from scratch we have the necessary skills.


Work with our team of expert craftsmen to develop your vision and bring it to life. Start your dream project today.